Why Soft Soles?

We have been asked this question by many parents, so we would like to address the important topic of soft soled shoes for babies and little ones learning to walk.

Did you know that the human foot has 26 bones? Feet are very complex with ligaments, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Since the feet of little ones are very soft and pliable, deformities can be caused by unnatural body forces. 

During the first year of life, a child’s feet grow rapidly. This is considered to be the most critical stage of the foot’s development by podiatrists. 

The APMA, American Podiatric Medical Association, recommends walking barefoot indoors when a little one just begins to walk. Barefoot walking allows feet to grow normally, develop its muscular system and strength, and the grasping function of toes.

According to the APMA, “When walking outside or on rough surfaces, babies’ feet should be protected in lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials.” This is why at Amati Steps we chose the best genuine leather to make up the upper, lining, and sole of our shoes. Not only are our shoes luxurious, they are also beneficial in the development of tiny feet, which is just as important to us!


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